Apply to be a Chocolate Taster

Want to be part of the inner circle of chocolatiers, create bespoke flavours, and get your hands on a lifetime's supply of chocolate? This is the job for you!

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Do you consider yourself a true chocoholic? Like to think you live on the wild side (of taste)? If you’ve got a passion for chocolate and confectionary and love trying new things, we need you! 


Job Title: Chocolate Taster (we have 4 positions to fill)

Location: This job is best performed wherever you usually enjoy eating chocolate – opinions are best formed in their natural habitat. So whether you tend to enjoy chocolate from the comfort of your sofa, kitchen table or your bed, we don’t mind.

Experience Required: 10+ years of eating chocolate

Salary: Our 4 lucky Chocolate Tasters will become part of the inner circle of chocolatiers and be rewarded with:

See the full job description and learn more here »


All you need to do is head to your local Sainsbury's store (see full store list here ») and pick up a bar of Seed and Bean (or one of each flavour if you really want to do your research right).

You can also shop at Sainsbury's online »

Once you've bought your bar(s), send us a review of your chosen flavour, plus proof you have purchased your chocolate in a Sainsbury's store, using the application form below.


See the full job description and learn more here »