Seed and Bean, the chocolate that cares.
Accredited as the most ethical chocolate producer in Britain*, we are firm believers that a little Tender Love and Care goes a long way. That’s why right from day one, we’ve made it our ethos to create the most ethical, sustainable and delicious British chocolate. From conception to consumption, each and every bar of Seed and Bean chocolate has been treated with uppermost care throughout its life journey so that we can ensure that we give you the very best.
How do we do this you may ask?
  • We’ve all heard that organic products are best and it’s no myth. Organic foods have been proven to have higher nutritional value than those same products that are not organic. This is usually down to the extra agricultural care taken and freeness from chemicals. And because we care and know that goodness comes from within, we ensure that ALL the ingredients we use in our wildly delicious flavours are organic!
  • It’s not about only looking after what you eat, but also looking after those who source it and where it came from- which is why we make sure to use Fairtrade approved suppliers. That way we know that those who source all the the deliciousness that we put into our bars, are also well looked after. As they say, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey!
  • Finally, it’s all about compostable caring! After enjoying that cocoa goodness, we like to ensure that the environment is taken care of too. That means making sure that each individual wrapper is FULLY compostable. So not only is the outer paper layer recyclable, our inner foil is made from Natureflex™, a specially sourced, flexible cellulose film which is made from eucalyptus wood pulp! It is by using these all natural ingredients, that make the entire packaging of our bars naturally, recyclable! Quite a mouthful we know!


The Circle of Life: how our Compostable Caring Contributes

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