Our Story

Seed & Bean was founded in June 2005 with the idea to create an ethical range of confectionery. The focus was on always using organic ingredients, using small-scale suppliers and being brave and wild with flavours; Chocolate with a Wild Side.


Where did it all begin?

The name Seed and Bean came from the initial chocolate concept which was covering seeds and beans in chocolate. From there we evolved to chocolate bars, similar to what we do today, but looking a little bit different...

Seed and Bean is 100% organic; Fairtrade where possible, and all our products are ethically sourced and handmade in England. Our production facility is deliberately small: our batch size is just 45 litres, compared to large industrially-produced chocolatiers who make batches of 20-50,000 litres a batch! When it comes to chocolate, we really are chocolate artisans.

To really showcase this, and to stand out from the crowd, we rebranded to look like this:

And then in 2019 we felt the brand needed another refresh to highlight all our ethics as clearly as possible, as well as responding to our customer feedback about what they wanted to really stand out on pack. This led us to what we look like today...

Our Ethics

We have been ethical from the very start, and since we rebranded we have taken this to another level by sourcing and using 100% compostable foil which made us the first UK chocolate brand to have fully compostable packaging. Our inner foil is made from Natureflex™, a specially sourced, flexible cellulose film which is made from eucalyptus wood pulp, putting us at the forefront of the zero plastic, zero waste initiative. See more about our ethics here.

Our Flavours

First and foremost we pride ourselves on our flavours. We have always made sure to be challenging with our flavour combinations, to create flavours that no one else is doing, and that you might have never seen or tried before. Live on the wild side of taste with our English Botanically inspired adventurous and unique flavours. There is something for everyone in our vast range of 18 flavours.