Our Story

🌱✨ Once upon a time an idea was created, but not just any idea, a wild idea—to create an ethical confectionery range with a penchant for organic ingredients, small-scale suppliers, and daring flavors. 🍫🌿 Embarking on a journey of chocolate with a wild side. The name Seed and Bean came from the initial chocolate concept which was covering seeds and beans in chocolate. From there we evolved to chocolate bars, similar to what we do today, but looking a little bit different...



From the very start, Seed & Bean has embraced ethical practices, reaching new heights in 2016 by becoming the first UK chocolate brand with fully compostable packaging, made from Natureflex™, a flexible cellulose film derived from eucalyptus wood pulp. 🌍💚 Our commitment to zero plastic and zero waste has been at the forefront of our journey, harmonizing with our adventurous ethos.


Yet, our story doesn't end with ethics; it's in the heart of our flavors that we truly shine. 🌺🍊 With 18 unique and daring flavors, we invite you to live on the wild side of taste with our incredible range of insanely delicious chocolates. Seed & Bean is not just a chocolate brand; it's an ever-evolving tale of flavor exploration and ethical commitment. Join us on this delectable adventure! 🚀🍫