Our Ethics


🌱🍫 Seed & Bean - Where Chocolate Comes Alive!

Seed & Bean, not just chocolate but a vibrant celebration of ethical indulgence. 🎉 Accredited as Britain's ethical chocolate maestros, we infuse each bar with more than just cocoa—every creation is a testament to our Tender Love and Care journey. Wondering how we weave magic? Let's dive into our flavor-filled world:

🌿 Organic Marvels: Embracing the myth-busting power of organic, we cultivate flavors wild and delicious. Our ingredients dance with nutritional richness, courtesy of the extra agricultural care and freedom from chemicals.

🌍 Fairtrade Fables: It's not just about eating; it's about uplifting those who source our cocoa. With 16 Fairtrade-certified bars, we ensure a fair and equal trade, nurturing both flavor and farmers. It's about the journey, not just the destination!

♻️ Compostable Carnival: After the cocoa adventure, we ensure the environment joins the celebration. Our wrappers are FULLY compostable, with an inner foil made from Natureflex™, a magical cellulose film from eucalyptus wood pulp. Naturally recyclable, our packaging is a mouthful, but in an eco-friendly way!

🌟 Circle of Life: Compostable Caring Unleashed!

🌈 Fairtrade Fiesta: Proud Fairtrade advocates, we sweeten the world by supporting farmer and worker communities. 

🌍 Global Cocoa Symphony: Behind each bar, six million people depend on growing cocoa for livelihoods. Fairtrade Premiums uplift lives, from better schooling to improved healthcare. Your indulgence transforms into positive change with every Seed & Bean bar.

🌱🍫 Conclusion: Seed & Bean isn't just chocolate; it's a flavorful journey, a caring experience, and a difference-maker. Indulge in our wild flavors and vibrant designs—chocolate that cares, making a sweet difference. 🌍💚 #EthicalIndulgence #SeedAndBeanMagic #ChocolateWithHeart