Our Organic Obsession
We take pride and care with everything that we do at Seed and Bean, which is why we are proud to work with The Soil Association. With some of the highest organic standards in the world, you can rest assured that every bar of chocolate goodness is made from the very best organic ingredients. And because we don’t cut any corners, all our delicious range is made of nothing less than 100% of organic ingredients. That’s right, every single little crumb…
Why organic you may ask?
Well you all know how much we care about every last detail that goes into our lusciously wild bars, so here’s why we’re organic obsessed…
  • It’s all about origins! Organic farming recognises that health is linked to how the food we eat is produced. This means that artificial fertilisers and pesticides are banned, which of course means more chemical free produce.
  • It doesn’t stop there, this also applies to animals and how they are treated and kept. This not only means that animals are reared using more natural products but they enjoy the highest welfare standards. And it’s not only farmed animal that benefit, but wildlife too!
  • Organic farms make for great animal havens for birds, butterflies, bees and all those in-between.
  • And of course, better origins, means better outcome! Research has found that organic products have higher nutritional value which means…more of those ever so crucial anti-oxidants!
After all, we are the chocolate with a wild side… and we’re wildly passionate and committed to delivering you the very the best.