Benefits of Dark Chocolate | Pure Cocoa 100% Dark Chocolate | Organic & Fairtrade

Benefits of Dark Chocolate | Pure Cocoa 100% Dark Chocolate | Organic & Fairtrade

Did you know that our 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health?

Dark chocolate is linked to lower heart disease and is a natural source of antioxidants. It provides very nutritious qualities such as fibre, and an excellent fatty acid profile. Our 100% Cacao Dark Chocolate bar is simply processed cocoa beans, no added fat or sugar. Plus, we do not use palm oil in any of our products.

Moreover, 100% cocoa dark chocolate has been proven to develop brain function as it improves blood flow. It does also, however, contain caffeine that helps stimulate the brain in the short term.

Usually chocolates are mixed with refined sugars, which takes away their healthy benefits, however, we use non refined cane sugar in all our dark chocolate. Additionally, our Wild & Organic 100% Cocoa Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate is not mixed with any other substance. It is made from premium beans from Ecuador, which gives it such a great flavour and a smooth sensation. Our beans are specially sourced on the equator in Ecuador which produces a sweeter bean, so whilst containing no sugar and not to everyones taste, our 100% bar is on the sweeter side compared to other 100% cocoa varieties.

Not only this chocolate is great for your health, it’s great for the environment too! Firstly our packaging is fully compostable and we are proud to be the only UK chocolate brand to receive 100% ethical pass mark accreditation! Secondly, it is palm oil free – we care about the environment and we want our manufacturing process to be ethical from production to consumer.

The bottom line here is that there is considerable evidence showing the health benefits of dark chocolate including protection against heart disease. Of course, you still need to be aware of the quantity consumed as the calories can escalate quickly, so make sure you consume in moderation. We would strongly recommend our Wild & Organic 100% Cocoa Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate, as it is healthy quality stuff in terms of health benefits and environmental qualities.


Thanks to Sofia for this article. She is a recipe developer and healthy food enthusiast at @fittygalz! She is on a mission to create the most delicious recipes that are healthier version of tasty and typically 'unhealthy' foods.