Corporate Gifting with JBI

Corporate Gifting with JBI

JBI Training, a renowned software and systems training company, wanted to do something special to recognise and show appreciation to their trainers for their commitment and hard work. The company had been on the lookout for unique, high-quality corporate gifts that would effectively convey this appreciation.

In their search, they discovered Seed and Bean Chocolates, a company known for its fine, ethically sourced, and organic chocolates. JBI Training decided to use these chocolates as corporate gifts for all their trainers. The results were incredibly positive, strengthening the company's relationship with its trainers and enhancing overall morale.

JBI Training recognised that Seed and Bean Chocolates embodied a lot of their own values, such as commitment to quality, ethical sourcing, and innovation. Each bar of chocolate, with its exquisite packaging and unique flavours, reflected JBI's attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

With this in mind, they began to distribute these chocolates to their trainers as a token of appreciation. Each package was accompanied by a personalised note expressing gratitude for the trainers' dedication and commitment.

The use of Seed and Bean Chocolates as corporate gifts had an immediate and profound impact on the trainers. They were pleasantly surprised and touched by the gesture, which boosted their morale and deepened their sense of belonging to the company. Furthermore, many trainers expressed appreciation for the quality and ethical nature of the chocolates, which enhanced their perception of JBI Training as a socially responsible organisation.

Jon Bambaji, the owner of JBI Training said

"Finding the perfect gift for our trainers was not an easy task. We wanted something that would not only convey our gratitude but would also align with our company's values. Seed and Bean Chocolates turned out to be the perfect match.

The reactions of our trainers to these gifts have been overwhelming. They were appreciative not just of the chocolate itself, but also the thoughtfulness behind the selection. Many have remarked on the quality of the chocolates and how they reflect our company’s commitment to excellence.

This initiative has helped us strengthen our relationships with our trainers and improve overall morale. We are deeply grateful to Seed and Bean Chocolates for their exceptional products and service."

JBI Training's experience with Seed and Bean Chocolates demonstrates how thoughtful, high-quality corporate gifts can enhance workplace morale and reflect a company's values. Their initiative has resulted in a more engaged, appreciated, and motivated team of trainers, further solidifying JBI Training’s status as a top-notch training provider.


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