Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Energy Saving Tips for Summer

With longer and much warmer days, the summer months can mean our energy usage increases. With air conditioning running for long periods of time and constant wash loads being put on as we get the swimsuits and beach towels out, it can really make a big dent in your overall energy usage. As with any energy usage, there are some ways in which you can minimise energy consumption and save a little money on the way. Everything from simple swaps to more complex ones-

Outdoor drying

When it comes to washing your clothes, in summer, you don’t need a dryer! Give your dryer a break and hang your washing outside. Don’t have a washing line? No problem! A clothes horse does exactly the same job, just pop it outside. There’s nothing better than the fresh smell of clothes that have dried outside in the fresh air.

Embrace some cool

Be brave and drop the temperature of your shower. By doing so you could actually save quite a bit of money on your heating bill over an extended period of time. There’s nothing better than a cool shower on a hot day anywayJ

Embrace the microwave

Try and cook food in the microwave instead of an electric oven. Not only will you save energy and money off your electric bill; you will keep the kitchen cooler on hotter days.


Summer usually means spending lots of times outdoors and even jet-setting off on holiday for an extended period of time so why not just switch off and unplug all appliances? Electric appliances left on standby can drain electricity. Switch off things like the TV, games consoles and laptops to save a little energy.

Use a Smart Meter

Most households will probably have these now but if not, getting hold of one is super easy. Just get in touch with your energy supplier and they should be able to provide one for you. Having a smart meter will help you keep track of exactly how much gas and electricity you’re using in real time. It also shows which appliances use the most energy. Keep an eye on it daily and see if you can reduce it.

Save water!

Water usage will most likely go up in summer due to more wash loads, more showers, watering plants and drinking more water due to the warmth but; you can try and keep the usage down a little by being savvy with water in other areas. When doing something like brushing your teeth, turn the tap off when you don’t need it. Invest in a water butt and collect rain water to water your plants and clean things, like the car.

Summer is a wonderful time of the year and I am all for making the most of it, especially the short summers we have here in the U.K., so these are just a few ways of saving energy when the warm weather does finally hit us.


This article is thanks to Amie Dawson. Amie is a personal trainer, F45 coach and freelance blogger and healthy recipe developer based in North Yorkshire. She has a big passion for leading a healthy lifestyle without any restriction and loves sharing her quick, easy and delicious recipes with everyone. She also have a huge passion for healthy travel and love discovering new places to see and explore!