The Secret to Sweet Success…

The Secret to Sweet Success…

With term time back into full swing, we couldn’t help but share this sweet secret, brace yourselves… chocolate helps to improve brain function!

We’ve all heard about chocolate helping to release happy feelings and endorphin’s. However, according to studies published in the journal Appetite, chocolate consumption has now even been proven to enhance cognitive performance. Participants in the study revealed that those that ate chocolate at least once a week demonstrated stronger brain functionality in everyday tasks such as remembering shopping lists and phone numbers. With the study season upon us, at Seed and Bean, we were fascinated by these articles and couldn’t help but google some more.

Our findings revealed that there’s surprisingly a whole array of studies and articles out there supporting the idea that chocolate is indeed linked to higher brain functionality. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look online and see for yourselves.

The health benefits associated to eating chocolates is truly remarkable. If there wasn’t reason enough for indulging, this truly has to be one of sweetest secrets to success and studying. The Telegraph took this theory even further by featuring an article that suggested that chocolate could even enhance our mathematical arithmetic. So the next time you’re sat crunching numbers be sure to have some Seed and Bean choccy to hand! We know we will.