We are looking for Chocolate Tasters

We are looking for Chocolate Tasters


Want to be part of the inner circle of chocolatiers, create bespoke flavours, and get your hands on a lifetime's supply of chocolate? This is the job for you!

Role Overview

Do you consider yourself a true chocoholic? Like to think you live on the wild side (of taste)? If you’ve got a passion for chocolate and confectionary and love trying new things, we need you!


  • Job Title: Chocolate Taster (we have 4 positions to fill)
  • Location: This job is best performed wherever you usually enjoy eating chocolate – opinions are best formed in their natural habitat. So whether you tend to enjoy chocolate from the comfort of your sofa, kitchen table or your bed, we don’t mind.
  • Experience Required: 10+ years of eating chocolate
  • Salary: Our 4 lucky Chocolate Tasters will become part of the inner circle of chocolatiers and be rewarded with:
    • lifetime’s supply of chocolate. Yes that's right, you will never have to buy a bar of chocolate again! Say goodbye to those unfulfilled chocolate cravings, or evenings where you wish you hadn't just finished your last bar. 
    • The chance to create bespoke flavours. You will be our go-to for flavour ideas and our master taster for all new flavour combinations and products.
  • Holiday: Unlimited – lots of time to enjoy eating your salary.
  • Other Perks: First to try new products before they launch, free and exclusive access to the best foodie trade shows around the UK, work socials (post-covid of course), a factory visit if you want to see where the magic happens...


A bit about Seed and Bean - Chocolate with a Wild Side

Seed & Bean was founded in 2005 with ethics at its core; the focus of always using organic ingredients, small-scale suppliers and being brave and wild with flavours: Chocolate with a Wild Side. When it comes to chocolate, we really are chocolate artisans.

All Seed and Bean products are ethically sourced and made in England. We only use 100% organic ingredients; and also pride ourselves on being Fairtrade where possible, and only using sustainable packaging with a recyclable paper outer wrapper and a fully compostable inner ‘foil’.

Live on the wild side of taste with our adventurous and unique flavours. Our adventurous English Botanical flavours are unique and delicious, and there is something for everyone in our vast range of 18 flavours.

Your Responsibilities

  • You'll become our go-to consultant for any new flavour profiles - but don't worry we'll be sending you all these new flavours to try plus so much more! You will never have to buy another chocolate bar again, mark our words!
  • Taste chocolate and give honest and objective opinions
  • Work with the Seed and Bean team, and your fellow chocolate tasters, share opinions and collaborate to reach an agreement on what our customers would want
  • Use clear vocabulary to describe products both verbally and in writing
  • Understand the core ethics behind Seed and Bean and be able to keep this in mind when suggesting new flavours and looking at packaging
  • You will be a key part of coming up with new flavour ideas, and we will even create a chocolate flavour chosen by you.

Already excited?


A bit about you

  • No professional experience needed, but you must be an experienced chocolate eater
  • You must have a passion for confectionary and chocolate.
  • Taste buds for (flavour) detection
  • Be confident when it comes to giving your opinion
  • Must to be eager to try new and adventurous flavours whether you think you will like them or not. Lavender chocolate isn’t to everyone’s taste, but you will still need to try it
  • Be able to express yourself clearly in words

How to apply

Head to your nearest Sainsbury's store (see full store list here ») and pick up a bar of Seed and Bean (or one of each flavour if you really want to do your research right)!

You can also shop at Sainsbury's online »

Once you've bought your bar(s), upload your receipt as proof of purchase, and send us a 'true chocolatier's review' of your chosen flavour in no more than 150 words. 

Applications will close on 11th April.



Why are we asking you to head to Sainsbury’s?

Did you know that it is extremely hard for a small brand to get a big supermarket listing? And unfortunately it doesn’t get any easier once you’ve got one… staying in is even harder! Now we are stocked in Sainsbury’s, we need your help to stay there.

"I’m Oli, co-owner of Seed and Bean. It’s been just over 6 months since we launched in over 200 Sainsbury's stores across the UK, but getting to that point took 5 years!

When I first met with Sainsbury’s all those years ago, I sold them the dream of our amazing organic chocolate with incredible unique flavours. Fast forward to the middle of a global pandemic (not the easiest time to be a new brand in a supermarket I must admit), we got the listing I had dreamt of.

All those years ago I asked them to take a punt on us: a small chocolate business creating unusual flavours in a small factory in Northamptonshire; and now I’m asking you to take that same punt. By heading into your nearest Sainsbury’s store that stocks Seed and Bean and giving our bars a try you’ll be helping us stay on shelves, and encourage people to eat more great tasting organic chocolate

Without our customers support we can’t keep creating incredible flavours. This is why we are on the hunt for four new chocolate tasters. A once in a lifetime opportunity to help us create more flavours to enhance our current range, and you’ll get your mitts on a lifetime supply of chocolate!

 All you need to do to apply is to pop to your nearest Sainsbury’s store and buy one (or all three) of our bars, or you can add them to your online shop. Please then send us, in no more than 150 words, your ‘true chocolatier’s review’ of your chosen Sainsbury’s flavour.”


See full store list here »