Coconut & Raspberry Brownie Cheesecake Bars

Is there any better way to show someone how much you love them than with chocolate? These no bake coconut and raspberry brownie cheesecakes are the perfect Valentines Day dessert - featuring a rich, fudgey chocolate brownie base topped with a silky smooth raspberry cheesecake layer, finished off with a drizzle of decadent coconut and raspberry dark chocolate - these bars make an extra special treat that is sure to impress your loved ones. Thank you so much to Yasmin (@nourishingyas) for this recipe!
(makes 12 bars)
For the brownie base:
  • 200g medjool dates
  • 200g almonds
  • 5 tbsp cacao powder
  • 5 tbsp smooth peanut butter
  • tbsp almond milk
For the cheesecake layer:
  • 180g cashews
  • 90g coconut cream (thick layer from canned coconut milk)
  • 3 tbsps coconut milk (liquid from canned coconut milk)
  • 3 tbsps maple syrup
  • tbsp lemon juice
  • tsp vanilla extract
  • 75g fresh or frozen raspberries
For the chocolate topping:
  • 40g Coconut and Raspberry Dark Chocolate
  • Place the cashews in a small bowl, pour over boiling water and set aside.
  • Add all of the base ingredients to a blender or food processor and blitz until fully combined.
  • Remove the brownie mixture from the blender and transfer to a square baking tin. Press down in to an even, compact layer and place in the freezer to set whilst you make the cheesecake.
  • Drain the cashews and place them in to the blender along with the remaining cheesecake ingredients. Blend until smooth and creamy.
  • Remove the brownie base from the freezer and pour over the cheesecake mixture, spread evenly and return to the freezer for an hour.
  • Remove the bars from the freezer and leave to thaw slightly - this will make them easier to cut.
  •  Whilst the bars thaw, melt the chocolate in a small pan over a low heat.
  • Once the bars have thawed slightly, cut in to 12 equal slices and drizzle a spoonful of melted chocolate over each. 
  • Store in the fridge and enjoy!